"Modern Chocolate, Bold In Flavour and Design"

Classically trained Chef with 5 years of experience. Studied and graduated from Tante Marie whilst working as a Commis Chef in the Academy and the Tante Marie Restaurant.

Once graduated I became Senior CDP Pastry chef in the Tante Marie Restaurant. During those years I learnt basic cooking and eventually extremely advanced and beautiful dishes which you could only dream of ever making.

I realised that I wanted more than to work in restaurants and became a Patissier at Le Papillon Patisserie, working as a senior member of the kitchen. Where I became infatuated with Chocolate and the creativity that comes with it.

My chocolate journey has led me to some amazing experiences and connected me with so many unbelievable chefs all around the world. I have demonstrated and helped run classes internationally. Private teaching close to home and flying to the United States to demonstrate to culinary students.

I try to have a big online presence whether it is through Instagram or making radio appearances on the BBC

Now I am dedicating myself to teaching and helping people to develop their skills in food. This gives me great pride and I really look forward to what the future holds.

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