The Monthly Box Chocolate Club

Welcome to the Monthly Chocolate Club!

Each month I will be releasing a box of 18 handmade chocolates spreading across 6 flavours.

Creativity, modernism and innovation is what I believe in and I want to share it with you all. Every month will be a new theme with 6 fresh, unique flavours.

Only using the highest quality ingredients giving you the best chocolate experience you could ever dream of.

The monthly box is a limited box and you need to be fast to get your hands on one of these! So get them now whilst stocks last.

The June Collection British Summer

English Tea & Biscuit Beautiful Earl Grey Tea, Milk chocolate ganache and a biscuit base.

Strawberry A spin on strawberries and cream that includes a strawberry ganache and a ruby chocolate twist

Raspberry Dark chocolate and raspberry with a crunchy feuilletine base

Chocolate Sundae A classic summertime dessert reinvented inside of a tiny chocolate

Cherry Delicious cherries and dark chocolate with a chocolate base

English Garden Cocktail One of the best British cocktails out there including Apple, Lime and a citric Gin ganache.

Coming up months to get excited for:

July: VACAY!

August: Happy Hour